Perspective Lights

by GoRampage

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released June 3, 2014



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GoRampage Frankfurt, Germany

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Track Name: The Final Step Of Our Era
Deportation trucks still roll to final destinations. Spitting blood and twisting loud fading off this world. The golden age is far away, looking back at desasters. They'll overcome they'll liquidate remembering with shame.
Track Name: Red Suns
While you are following your lifes repression is a handy tool. Red suns keep rising every day mourning nights of creatures shedding blood. No compromise, no clemency there is cruelty around. In wars, in fights, on battlefields, in barns, in honesty! No chance to grasp this felony, you're blunting and failing to see. Red suns are setting into night - outrage under cover of the dark. Your chance for recall of your share in blood river flow. And how could you ever justify the mayhem you deny. Disturbed in sorrow disillusion follows talking into oneself you are making it somehow right. How should you answer all posing question which emanate from our surrounding world. Red suns keep rising without any change in hundred thousand years of human history. No chance to grasp this felony, we're blunting and failing to see.
Track Name: Multiplex Life
Feeling undefined, what I wanna trace. I'm elated of many plans, but elation is rather mild. Free time is running to another all-time low. Forecast doesn't see a change coming soon. Winding up a track is very hard to me. I am not digging in, the multiplex mode again, my accessories, misconstrued needs will hinder me. A bowl of gold, a train through life but no time for spending your passion in. Once you are set and ready to flow the self-contraints rise up and take back control. Remembering a day i did proudly say: „I'm in flow“. Not trivial these words, but thoughts may seem naive. The state did not sustain even though I felt certain about but misconstrued needs did hinder me.
Track Name: Discontinuity
We are running trough the days and it feels like a continous evolution. As we meet people from our past we realize how far we have gone, how much we've done. Everything that we touch seems to take effect on us. I met an old companion almost lost from memory. Handclap, embrace and we could feel a time discontinuity. Situations come to my mind, what we have done, what i have seen, where we have been. But from today perspectives changed. Walking forward without a move. Turning backwards nothing changed. Another project, another trip. Different experiences shape our preferences. I'm seeing clear. I met an old companion almost lost from memory. Handclap, embrace and we could feel an odd and weird distortion – a time distortion.
Track Name: Erosion
Bullshit politician just defile the parliament as they are welcoming bootlick fellows who are shaking their nuts. They allow this infiltration, weakening democracy. Private interest second to none. We are supposed to cast our vote, to concentrate decision making. Its ovious its going wrong the power gets abused. Referendums need to be performed, spreading the power is like spreading this risk.
Track Name: Luxury Phenomenon
The world could be seen as a single point of trouble. As well as a place where the beauty is around. So many things to write or sing about. With that conformed living anger or enlightment just do not feel real! Some outstanding people have gone through existential disruption. I see them dealing with injustice and supression. Look at me and my protected life. What they have felt and undergone is what i am reading in papers - leftwing media. My anger just does not feel real! This is a luxury phenomenon and not a reason for yelling catchy songs.
Track Name: True Caring And Insight
Seek out friends, the people you need. Work hard on your image until you find the perfect girl that thinks alike. You go out and keep doing the same things. You always agree and share all beliefs in sad moments and bad times. Still not happy deep inside? You're always on the run from yourself deliberately. Avoiding to be lonely, no matter what the cost. There is also happiness alone. In the silence, in the void, there´s a necessary base, an independant freedom that keeps staying on the ground of any relationship. Take refuge in an affair so that you don’t have to bear the loneliness. Every relation requires self-acceptance and love. Love is the expression of an inner development of both, exceptionless true caring and finally insight. Responsibility.
Track Name: Prosperity
What do words mean when we talk about prosperity. It's the term used but what does it really say about life. A high-developed state, everything is avaiable, going straight to full employment the economy on all-time high. A simple name, a simple word, but what does it say about the peoples lives. Nobleman and almsman. Tell me what's the quality of life? They control us as we are trained for work and we swallow without questiong the way it goes. This keeps forming perfect societys - our first world - where we gear into each other frictionless. I heard him saying: German people, chuckleheads. As long as you load them with work you can do what ever you want. There is not much we can effort. Social cohesion is what we have got. And if I need a thing there is someone who helps, he'll be happy to and i feel gratitude. And we will drink some wine. This the way it goes. And I'll be dying here. It's not a lonely life. Posperity - a lonely life!
Track Name: Good Is The Passive That Obeys Reason
Signposted trails formed by fear-oriented thoughts. It feels like years of missing something sparkling and surreal. Circumstances that let me hear insistently the howling of wolves. Energetic voices that carry me out, way outside. It feels like finally finding home at a place I´ve never been before. It feels like years of walking in a stranger´s home inside myself. Overwhelming me with stacked up pieces of decoration. "Good is the passive that obeys reason. Evil is the active springing from energy". Without contraries there is no progress. There is a need of finding balances. I´m ready to let go the reasonable, usual run, to dance, to dance with you, to howl, to howl with you. To get over the learned separations of contrast and start to complete my universe.